ABB FACTS html5 presentation

We constantly strive to make the best presentations for our customers. One example is the html5 presentation we made for ABB FACTS. The app was initially produced for Cigré in Paris 2016 and during spring 2017 we made a remake of the app with some additions as well as adaption to ABBs new brand guidelines.

The presentation consist of three parts:
The branding – an intro movie that can be used on more platforms than in the presentation. The overview – explains the benefits and what ABB FACTS do in less than two minutes. The depth – more detailed information of products and services.
The presentation is easy to distribute and has already been used in France, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Screen capture of html5 presentation

A representative of ABB using the FACTS presentation during Cigré in Paris 2016


Stefan Grimberg, projektledning
Per Hagdahl, Art Director
Martin Friman, programmering
Andreas Sjöberg, motion graphics